Monday 12/11/17


Warm Up / Mobility: 5 rounds of 5 T2B + 5 HSPU + 5 Jumping squats


Strength:  Snatch Complex

   1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch 

    Spend 15 min working up to a heavy complex for the day, then EMOM for 6 min 1 Snatch complex using 80-85% of your best complex.

    *Do not drop bar between hang snatch , snatch complex

    *Power or Squat Snatch is ok


Partner Up
For Time:

1000m Row (800m women)

30 Thrusters

1000m Row

30 Squat snatch

1000m Row

30 Squat cleans


*split reps however

Extra Credit

Single arm dumbbell row 3 x max reps

CrossFit Heights