Saturday 12/16/17


Warm Up / Mobility: Group

Strength: Off


Partner up


4 Rounds for time

40 air squats

20 pull ups

10 burpee box jumps overs


*1 partner works while the other hangs from pull up bar

*8 min. time cap


Rest 5 min.


In 9 min.,

First 6 min. accumulate cals on Assault Bike and DUs (Both partners can work at the same time)

Last 3 min. find 1RM power snatch

*Record one score (total reps + combined power snatch weight)

*4 DUs = 1 rep toward score


Rest 6 min.


AMRAP 10 min.

7 Rounds

10 DMBL snatch (50m/35w)

10 Thrusters (75m/55w)

with remaining time AMRAP Thrusters

*alternate rounds

*score is AMRAP thrusters

CrossFit Heights