Wednesday 12/6/17


Warm Up / Mobility: (2 rounds) 250m row, Lunge down, high knees back, karaoke down, karaoke back 

Strength:   Tempo Back Squats 5x5

    Tempo of 4 second decend, 1 second pause at bottom, and explode up as quickly as possible.

    Weight will be lighter than 5RM, focus on keeping upright torso during the squat, use same weight for all 5 sets


6 Rounds For Time

    20 Hand Release Pushups

    10 Back Rack Lunge (115/75) L+R=2

    20 Lateral Bar Jumps

    10 KBS (2/1.5)

*18 min time cap

Extra Credit

Weighted Pull Ups


*Increase wt. each set

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