Week of November 26, 2018



Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds

Even- 12/10 Cal Row

Odd- 10 Air squats + 10 Lunges

Strength:  Back Squat (30mins)

Find New 1 RM!



AMRAP 14 min.

7 Muscle Ups

50 Wall Balls

100 DUs (2x singles)

*Mod for MU is 14 dips


Extra Credit

 1000m  recovery row 

(15 Double Unders)


Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds

10 Cals Airdyne, 10 HR push ups, 5 strict pull ups

Strength:  Bench Press (30mins)


*increase weight for your set of 5,3,1 


 For Time

20 Strict Press (135m/85w)

25 C2B

20 Push Press (155m/105w)

25 C2B

20 Push Jerk (185m/135w)

25 C2B

*For scaled weights: add 20 lbs each round from your starting weight.

Extra Credit

30 sec Plank hold

30 sec Flutter Kicks

30 sec rest

4 rounds

(16 Double Unders)

HIITuesday (6:30pm)

EMOM for 14 min

Even - 5 Pushups + 10 KBHP

Odd- 30sec plank hold + 10 Air Squats


22 Min AMRAP

10 Pullups

15 Plate G2OH

20 OH KB Lunge (10L +10R)

25 Jumping Jacks

30 Single Unders

25 Wall Balls

20 Dips

15 Burpee


Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds 200m row, 10 goblet squats, 10 banded good mornings

Strength:  Off


 Option A.) 1 RM snatch

                1 RM C&J

*Take the entire class to work up to a 1RM in each lift


Option B.) Choose one: 1RM snatch or clean & jerk (25min)

               The do the following WOD:

                With a partner, AMRAP in 15 min.

                100m row

                10 burpees to plate (45")

                10 jumping junges (L+R=2)


                *one person trails the other, as soon as partner A finishes 100m row partner B jumps on and rows while A starts the burpees.  For scoring, both partners must complete the exercise for it to count.  

Extra Credit

 (17 Double Unders)


HIIThursday (6:30pm)

  Ski + OH Dmbl Carry + Plank Hold (15 min)


Team Relay

500m Row

15 Burpee to plate

15 T2B

15 KBS

15 Wall Balls


(18 Double Unders) 


Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds

Even- 5 Goblet Squats + 5 Cal Bike

Odd- 10 Step x Band L+R

Strength:  Front Squat

Find new 1RM (30 Min)



3 Rounds for Time:

500m Row

12 Deadlift (body weight)

21 Box Jumps (20" box for both M and W) 

Extra Credit

19 Double Unders 



Warm Up / Mobility: Group Warm Up

Strength:  Off

WODTeams of 4, 2 men and 2 women

In 16 mins

500 m row,

10 clean and jerks 135/95

  • This is a relay style, First person will start when they complete 500m row they will immediately begin C&J's, and second person will start row.  Person finishing row cannot start C&J until person in front is finished with them.

  • If finished before 15 mins use remaining time to recover

  • Record time

At 16 mins

4 Rounds for time

20 Back Squats(135/95)

30 KB Swings(1.5/1)

40 Wall Balls(20/14)

50 Double Unders(2x singles)

 * Each team member must do a different element each round

  * Record time, 20 min cap use any extra time to recover

At 36 mins

6 mins to accumulate as many reps as possible of


Power Snatch(135/95)

*2 people will work on 1 element for 3 mins and then switch

  • Only one person can work at a time on each element

  • record total reps

  • modify weight as needed(1 mens and 1 womens bar per team)

(20 Double Unders)

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