Friday 3/30/18

 Warm Up / Mobility: As a group

partner up: amrap in 5 min, 10 DUs + 5 deadlift + 1 muscle snatch 

*rotate full rounds, keep weight light 


Strength: Hang Squat Snatch

*every 3 min for 3 rounds max touch n go squat snatch @ 70% of most recent 1rm snatch (goal should be 6-12 reps per round)

*once bar touches the ground your round is over


AMRAP 6 min

7 / 5 cals assault bike

10 wall ball  

rest 4 min


2 min max reps bench press (115m/65w) 

2 min max rep cal on rower

2 min max burpee over rower


Extra Credit

One attempt for max time, hang from pull-up bar

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