Week Of August 13, 2018


Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds

Even- 10 Wall Balls+ 5 Burpees

Odd- 15 Jumping Jacks + 5 Pullups

Strength:  Bench Press

            5x3, Work up to your heaviest set of 3

              * Then Drop to 85% of your heaviest set and complete 1 set of max reps.


For calories and reps:

2min Max Cal. Row

1min Unbroken Plank Hold

1min Rest

2min Max alternating KB Snatch (1.5/1)

1min Unbroken Plank Hold

1min Rest

2min Max Double-Unders

1min Unbroken Plank Hold

1min Rest

2min Max Wall Balls (20/14)

1min Unbroken Plank Hold

1min Rest

2min max HR Push Ups

1min Unbroken Plank Hold

  * Record total reps and calories.

  *  Breaking on the plank hold will result in a 10 burpee penalty to be completed during the rest period.

Extra Credit

Tabata Jumping Squats for max reps



Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds

Even- 16 Walking Lunges + 5 Pushups

Odd- 10 KBS + 5 Tuck Jumps

Strength:  Front Squat

1x5 @ 70%          1x3 @ 85%

1x5 @ 75%          1x2 @ 90%

1x3 @ 80%          1x1 @ 95+%

   * Record weight of last successful Front Squat

   * If you feel good go for a PR  


3 Rounds for Time and Max Pullups

30 sec's max Pullups


15 Dead Lifts(185/125)

400m Run

13min Cap

 * Score is total Pullups completed and time.

* 30 sec's will start as soon as you get to the bar

* Pick you DL weight wisely, you must cycle through them efficiently to make it under the time cap.

* Extra Credit 225/155 and C2B

Extra Credit

Tabata Assault Bike for Max Cals (10 sec work / 20 sec rest x 8 rounds)

HIITuesday (6:30pm)

10 Rounds 

5 Sledge Hammer Hits (L+R) 

1 Tire Jump 


Then 20 Min AMRAP w/ a Partner

20 Wall Balls

20 Cal Row

20 Sit Ups

20 Cal Bike

20 Burpee to Plate


Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds 

200m run, 10 PVC dislocates, 10 PVC OHS, 10 banded good mornings

Strength:  Snatch Complex

         1 Pausing Snatch DL+ 1 Snatch+ 2 OHS

          * Pause for 3 secs just above the knee

          * Work up to your best complex then drop to 85% and complete 3 more sets.


AMRAP in 15 mins

3 Snatches(165/110)

5 HSPU's

7 Burpees

 * Full Snatches, or sub 1 power snatch and 1 OHS as 1 rep

* Record rounds and reps

* E.C.185/125 + Strict HSPU

Extra Credit

Partner med ball sit-ups . 3x15


HIIThursday (6:30pm)

10 Min PVC Jump over relay + Burpees


Death By


Box Jumps

Jumping Lunges

Start with 1 reps of each movement, continue to add one rep each minute until you are unable to complete the number of reps under 60 seconds.   Then take 1 min off and continue with Box Jumps and Lunges.  Then once you fail again take 1 min off and continue with just jumping lunges. 




Warm Up / Mobility:  3 Rounds

10 Calorie Row, 10 Front Squats with empty bar, 10 S2OH with empty bar. 

Strength:  Clean and Push Press/Push Jerk

  * In 25 mins work up to your heaviest clean and push press, then continue to work up to a heavy clean and push Jerk.

* Record both your best clean and PP and Clean and PJ


For Time:

 4 Bear Complexes(135/95)

400m Row

3 Bear Complexes(155/105)

800m Bike

2 Bear Complexes(165/115)

400m Row

1 Bear Complex(185/125)

800m Bike

  *The Bear complex consists of  a power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, and second push press. Completion of all five lifts counts as one rep.

 * Scale weight appropriately so that you are able to add weight each time.

 * E.C. 155/105, 165/115, 185/125, 205/135

 * 20min time cap

Extra Credit

5x3 Weighted Pull Ups + Dips



Warm Up / Mobility: Group Warm Up

Strength:  Off


"Partner Up"

2000m Row

  * Alt every 200m


3 Rounds

120 Double unders

30 Box Jump Overs(24/20)

30 KB Swings (53/35)

30 Pull Ups


5000m Bike

  * Alt every 500m

Extra Credit

Enjoy the Weekend

CrossFit Heights