We at CrossFit Heights welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today.


Foundation Classes:

Foundation classes are mandatory for all newcomers to CrossFit Heights. This program consists of 3-1 hr sessions with one of the CrossFit Trainers. They will teach you the basic movements, the proper techniques for the foundational movements in CrossFit. Upon completion of these 3 classes you will be allowed to attend any CrossFit Class.  

CrossFit Foundation sessions teach movements for optimal performance in the CrossFit program.

The skills taught in the Foundation Classes are the most important skills you can learn in your CrossFit program. These skills are the foundations for 90% of the movements used in CrossFit. CrossFit Heights stresses the value of the movements taught in foundations above any other movement found in the CrossFit Community. 


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