CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements executed at a high intensity. This fun, affordable program for people of all experience levels will provide results that you will not get through any other fitness program. CrossFit workouts incorporate Olympic weightlifting, gymnastic (body weight) movements and cardiovascular endurance to promote elite fitness. You will be guided by professional coaches who will motivate and inspire you to reach possibilities that you never imagined. The atmosphere in this gym, or as we call it, box will allow you to feed your natural competitive side while sharing camaraderie with our community of fitness fanatics. From beginners to elite athletes, all ages and sizes can benefit from CrossFit.




No contracts!

Individual $125.00 a month

Couples $215.00 a month

Bootcamp Only $65.00 a month

Cancellation Policy 

If you would like to cancel your membership, CrossFit Heights will need a written notification by the 15th of the month or you will be charged for the following month.


A One Time Free Saturday Trial Class @ 9:30 am (no experience required, please email to reserve a spot)

Daily Drop in Rate of $15.00, Must Have CrossFit Experience

There is a 7.5% sales tax added to the above amounts


(Firemen, Police, Military)
10% Discount: for all monthly fee selections(10%discount does not apply for a drop in)

The Facility




-Kids Area

-Drink and Snack Sales


4225 Gibson Drive

Tipp City, OH 45371